Those changes will be presented at the Annual General meeting for vote by the membership

On January 8, 2000 these amendments were presented to the ACPOC Board of Directors. They will be presented at the first business meeting at the Annual Meeting for a vote by the membership. Changes and additions are underlined. Deletions are indicated by crossing out.

Section 2.1: Membership is open to all clinics that participate in the multidisciplinary clinic management of children with prosthetic and/or orthotic problems. A "Clinic" must include one clinic chief and at least two additional "active" members. To maintain clinic membership, at least one member of the clinic must attend an annual meeting every other year. A register will be maintained by the Association listing those multidisciplinary clinics in which members are involved.

Reasoning: There has been no clear definition of a clinic. The board felt that one person did not make a multi-disciplinary clinic. Dues can be paid by the clinic or by the individual clinic member as long as the chief pays the current $100 and each additional member pays $50. Single practitioners are encouraged to join ACPOC as an Associate Member.

2.1-A: Active MembershipActive Membership is open to professionals who take part in recognized ACPOC member clinics' management of children with prosthetic and/or orthotic problems. Active members must attend at least one ACPOC meeting every three (3) years. Active members may vote, hold office and serve on committees.

2.1-B: Associate MembershipAssociate membership is open to those individuals specializing in children's orthotic and prosthetic management but who are not a part of a member clinic as designated in paragraph 2.1. Associate members may not vote, but shall otherwise have the responsibilities of membership as defined in the paragraphs below.

Reasoning: The board felt this was a broader definition on Associate and would offer membership to a larger audience.

2.1-C: Corresponding Membership Corresponding membership may be conferred on individuals from countries other than the United States or Canada. ..., but will be responsible for the payment of such dues as may be assessed on the corresponding membership by vote of the Membership at its meetings by vote of the Board of Directors.

2.3: Responsibilities of Members All member clinics and other membership categories, unless excluded in these by-laws, shall be responsible.....etc.

2.4: Professional Requirements At least once every three (3) years, or as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors, each member clinic must submit a manuscript acceptable for presentation at the annual meeting or for publication in the official publication of the organization.

Section 3 Board of Directors

3.7: Reasonable and Sufficient Notice Except as otherwise expressly provided, it shall be reasonable and sufficient notice to Directors to send notice by mail at least two (2) weeks before the meeting addressed to them at their usual or last known business or residence address or to give notice to them in person or by telephone, fax or e-mail at least twenty-four hours before the meeting.

Section 5 Committees

5.2: Standing Committees There will be six standing committees........(f) the Long Range Planning


5.2-F The Long Range Planning Committee The

Long Range Planning Committee shall be responsible for proposing to the Board of Directors both long and short range planning as well as recommending innovations and changes in policy and responding to requests and charges from the Board of Directors. The chair of this committee will sit ex officio on the Board of Directors.