Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir:
I read with great pleasure the article by Elaine Trefler, P. & 0. T. Reg., HOT, entitled "Let's Put a Hand on Captain Hook," in the September 1974 issue of ICIH. She has pointed out clearly the disadvantages encountered by many prosthetists in contemporary practice. However, there are two errors in her article which I would like to correct. The first is in reference to the Infant Passive Hand developed by Mr. William Sauter of the Ontario Crippled Children's Centre. We have manufactured this hand on a production basis for the past two years. It is identified as our Model 101 Infant Passive Hand as shown in our sales leaflets ( Fig. 1 ).

The second is in reference to showing the Northern Electric Hand in the age grouping of infants. It should be in the preschool age grouping. We also manufacture this item and identify it as our Model 105 Electrically Powered Hand. This hand is also available on a production basis ( Fig. 2 ). It is showing promise as the fulfillment of an important need, as pointed out in the referenced article.

Sincerely yours,
A.E. Caswell, Manager
Variety Village Electro Limb Production Centre
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada