The Milwaukee Experience With Myoelectric Prostheses

A. E. KRITTER, MD*Waukesha, Wisconsin

The Milwaukee experience with the myoelectric prosthesis has occurred over the past four years. The Otto Bock prosthesis has been prescribed exclusively since 1980. The age of fitting varied between 5 and 17 with a mean of 10 years 9 months. The amputation limbs ranged from 6.5-20 cm with a mean of 12 cm. The average duration of follow-up was two years six months. Five right belowelbow amputations and five left below-elbow amputations were fitted. Ten wearers were tested and were able to perform all functions, such as holding a thin paper cup, opening a tube of toothpaste and tieing their shoelaces. The training time was two hours. All wearers were unanimous in preferring the improved appearance of the myoelectric hand and agreed that the biggest problems were downtime of the prosthesis and glove fragility.

The prosthesis fitting duration averaged 34.5 months. The average time for mechanical breakdown was 19.9 days. Ninety per cent of the young unilateral upper-limb amputees accepted the Bock myoelectric prosthesis.

*223 Wisconsin Avenue, Waukesha, WI 53186