A.D.E.P.T.-Innovative Design Concepts In Body-Powered Children's Terminal Devices

ROBERT RADOCY, MS*Boulder, Colorado

A.D.E.P.T. (Anatomically Design-Engineered Polymer Technology). Terminal devices are an infant-sized terminal device for crawling that is constructed of polyurethane elastomer and two new body-powered voluntary-closing children's devices, the first of their kind.

The advantages of the innovative terminal devices are:

  1. Opposed thumb prehensile grasping configuration
  2. Innate proprioceptive sensory feedback
  3. Minimal exposure of metal components
  4. Light-weight polyurethane matrix construction
  5. Pleasing anatomical shape and color.

Both voluntary-closing devices will be in production by mid-1984.

*Therapeutic Recreation Systems, 1280 28th Street, Boulder, CO 80803