Management of Three Quadriplegic Infants

HUGH G. WATTS, MD AND MARC HOMA, LPT*Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

During the past two years three quadriplegic infants have been admitted. Their ages at admission were 6 weeks, 2 months and 8 months. Many staff members have been involved in planning and devising equipment for early habilitation. Critical issues have been positioning, splinting, seating and standing. Respiratory function and autonomic control have also been major factors in management of the infants. Electronic equipment has been used to provide interaction with toys and thereby aid in cognitive development. Of the several areas yet to be dealt with, one of the most imminent is the issue of independent mobility. Suggestions are solicited for both equipment and training methods for severely disabled children. Maximizing the knowledge of electrical systems may also provide clinic members with a key to encouraging more normal cognitive development in the children. The team at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia would like to exchange knowledge and experience in dealing with similarly involved children so that life may be enhanced for all of them.

*The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 34th Street and Civic Center Boulevard Philadelphia, PA 19104