Multiple Amputees: The Gillette Experience

ROBERT H. N. FIELDEN, MD*Saint Paul, Minnesota

Eleven patients ranging in age from 5 to 26 years have been followed at Gillette Children's Hospital from their birth. Each presents more than one absent limb. The children are categorized into three major groups: (1) lower-limb amputees; (2) upper-limb amputees; and (3) combination upper and lower, which is then subdivided into three groups: (a) two limbs, (b) three limbs and (c) four limbs absent.

Each of the children was presented individually, demonstrating the various prostheses that were fabricated through the growing years and the status at the present time.

The discussion considered the child's needs through the growing years and how the needs were met or not met, in an effort to determine successes and failures.

*393 North Dunlap, Saint Paul, MN 55104