Myoelectric Program in Detroit

LAWRENCE G. MORAWA, MD*Detroit, Michigan

For approximately the past two and one-half years the Variety Club of Detroit has funded a Myoelectric Program at the Detroit Institute for Children. During this period 30 children have been fitted with myoelectric prostheses. Nine recipients have outgrown the original prostheses and have each been refitted with a second myoelectric prosthesis. Three children have rejected the prostheses; all of the rejecting amputees have long below-elbow amputation limbs and had not previously worn a prosthesis. Prosthetic cost, repair cost, breakdowns on a yearly basis and cost for repair of breakdowns were analyzed. The program with respect to preprosthetic training, functional-use training and wear patterns was also reviewed.

*Detroit Institute for Children, 5447 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202