Reciprocate...Goodwill for Prosthetics Too!

LOU EKUS, CPO*Springfield, Massachusetts

A new prosthetic device has been designed for fitting of the very high-level, bilateral, lower-limb amputee. The prosthesis is appropriate for patients with bilateral hip disarticulation or hemipelvectomy. The innovative type of fitting provides more stability and a more cosmetic gait at what appears to be lower energy expenditure. The prosthesis consists of a modified bilateral hip disarticulation prosthesis with the addition of a double-cable reciprocator system. Illustrating the use of the prosthesis was one patient with complete lumbosacral agenesis after bilateral subtrochanteric amputations. She was shown with conventional prostheses, then in the midst of prosthetic fitting and finally upon delivery of her new reciprocator-disarticulation prostheses. She experienced surprisingly little difficulty adjusting to the reciprocal gait pattern which has added a much more attractive choice to her alternatives for locomotion.

*Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children, 516 Carew Street Springfield, MA 01104