The Jewaukee Brace-An Innovation For Patients with Short Stature

ROBERT W. BRIGHT, MD*Baltimore, MarylandAND T. HOWARD MC CLUNEY, JR., CO**Gainesville, Florida

Patients with short stature not infrequently develop spinal deformities. Standard orthotic management with a Milwaukee brace is difficult because short upper limbs cannot reach to attend certain functions, including perineal needs. A newly devised combination of the Jewett hyperextension brace and the Milwaukee brace gives such individuals good spinal support and considerably increased mobility. Drop-lock knee hinges on the thoracic uprights allow for flexion of the upper sternal segment so that the patient can reach the perineal area and attend to shoe needs without having to remove the orthosis.

*James Lawrence Kernan Hospital, 2200 North Forest Park Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21207

**1309 North West 5th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601