CAPP TD 2 (CAPP Terminal Device, Size #2)

YOSHIO SETOGUCHI, MD*Los Angeles, California

The CAPP TD 2 is ready for clinical evaluation by unilateral amputees in the teen and adult age groups. It is 4.6 in. long, weighs 9 oz. and has a 4-in. span of opening. CAPP TD 2 resembles Size 111 but is fully covered. Covers are available in two colors-light and dark. Functional features were designed for assistive grasp patterns. Grip is provided by the closing spring, frictional resilient cover and an automatic thumb-locking mechanism. The lock engages whenever there is no tension on the control line and disengages whenever there is tension on the control line. It activates automatically as part of the voluntary-opening control system and requires no conscious action by the amputee. The wrist connector is incorporated into the terminal device and includes a quick-release mechanism. A newly designed line connector should simplify installation and repairs.

For additional information please contact Julie Shaperman, UCLA Rehabilitation Center 25-26, 1000 Veteran Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024, (213) 825-5201.

*University of California, Child Amputee Prosthetics Project, 1000 Veteran Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90024