Reciprocating Orthosis: A Protocol

LOU EKUS, CPO**Springfield, Massachusetts

A specific protocol for fitting paraplegic patients with the reciprocating-gait orthosis is presented. According to the protocol, prerequisites must be met before consideration of fitting with the reciprocating-gait orthosis. The steps that will be followed in the patient's rehabilitation with the orthosis are enumerated and explained. Parental involvement in the training program is essential. The protocol allows for an admission to the hospital and the steps which determine if this is necessary, along with explanation of the criteria for discharge. The discharge procedure and follow-up are also presented.

A videotape reviews some of the results. Eight patients are shown in their initial stages of ambulation training and after the training process has been completed. Eight fittings were conducted under the protocol: one was considered a failure because of poor patient selection, and the other seven were successful, with patients ambulating effectively in their reciprocating orthoses.

**Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children, 516 Carew Street, Springfield, MA 01104