Adapted Devices and Techniques for Performing ADL for the Multiple Limb-Deficient Child

JOANNA G. PATTON, OTR***Los Angeles, California

Fourteen therapists and two physicians attended a workshop "Activities of Daily Living for Children with High Level Multiple Limb Deficiencies" on April 10, 1985 prior to the ACPOC meeting in New Orleans. The clinicians evaluated four activities (Eating, Dressing the Upper Body, Dressing the Lower Body and Toileting) in relation to severity of limb loss. They also considered clinical approaches to daily activities in terms of prostheses and adapted performance. In addition, they analyzed adapted devices using an evaluation procedure designed specifically for the workshop. Clinicians are now invited to submit pictures of equipment used successfully by their patients.

***CAPP-UCLA Rehabilitation Center, 1000 Veteran Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024