New Variety Village Electromechanical Hand for Amputees Less Than 2 Years of Age

I. AL-TEMEN, PE** AND M. MILNER, PHDToronto, Ontario

A new light weight, durable, cosmetic, functional myoelectric hand is 20 percent A smaller than the VV2-6 hand and utilizes an interchangeable wrist which eliminates the need for forearm replacement when a longer hand is required because of growth. Pronation/supination is achieved with an adjustable friction wrist which is available in a variety of lengths and diameters allowing optimal forearm appearance as well as suiting wrist disarticulation and higher levels of amputations. The plastic injection-molded hand is an integral design, encapsulating the motor, drive, and anti-rollback mechanisms and a high efficiency power-bridge compatible with commonly used 6-volt control system. Provision has been made to incorporate the energy saver presently in use with the VV2-6 hand. The fingers and thumb provide a three-point pinch which develops prehension force suitable for young children. The cosmetic glove includes the remaining fingers and enhances appearance while providing protection from the environment. All parts are readily accessible and serviceable. Reliability of this hand, based on bench test results, is expected to parallel the excellent performance of the VV2-6.

**Hugh MacMillan Medicai Centre, 350 Rumsey Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4G1R8