Come-Back of the Pectoral Cineplasty


In unilateral, and especially in bilateral, shoulder disarticulation and forequarter amputees the possibilities for the sufficient control of artificial arm(s) are very limited. The pectoral cineplasty in combination with sequential switch-control allows a very effective operation of the electromechanical hand and of the electromechanical wrist rotation unit. The surgical technique of Sauerbruch (1916) and further developed by M. Lebsche (1946, 1950) in Germany and Henry A. Kessler (1947) in the United States and A. Jung (1963) in France is described, as well as the prosthetic fitting and training of a traumatic unilateral forequarter amputee.

*Orthopedic Hospital of the University of Heidelberg, D-6900 Heidelberg, West Germany