Development of a Data Base on Amputee-Related Resources


In the past year, several meetings have been held to discuss approaches to and effectiveness of amputee support programs. The first one was a 1986 ACPOC Workshop and the second a 1987 Amputee Consumer Education and Networking Program held in conjunction with the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists Annual Meeting. Both programs provided a forum for communication between consumers and professionals about their common goal of enhancing amputee adjustment, and identified the need to share resources and information. Representatives from 23 support groups across the country are embarking on a project to develop a data base of all existing resources for amputees. Our goal is to make information available to new amputees, professionals, and the public. We invite members of ACPOC to participate in this information networking.

*LaRabida Children's Hospital, East 65th Street at Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL 60649