Presentation and Proposed Treatment of a Quadrimembral Amputee


A 10-month-old boy presented multiple limb deficiencies. He was born from a normal spontaneous delivery, weighing 6 pounds. He is the first child of a 30-year-old couple having no family history of limb deficiency. The pregnancy was uneventful, the mother claiming that she took no medications or other chemical substances during the pregnancy. The boy has bilateral transverse above-elbow deficiencies, right proximal femoral focal deficiency (Aitken Type C), and left fibular longitudinal deficiency. He was fitted at 7 years 6 months with bilateral above-elbow prostheses with polyethylene sockets, polyvinylchloride piping bent 90 degrees at the elbow, and Plastisol-covered hook terminal devices. The present discussion concerns the feet which should be preserved, if possible, so they may serve as prehensile organs.

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