Review of Prosthesis-Wearing Patterns and Use in Congenital Unilateral Below-Elbow Child Amputees Wearing a Myoelectric Prosthesis


The purpose of the review is to describe wearing patterns, both past and current, as well as skill level and degree of spontaneous, functional use of myoelectric prostheses. Correlational studies were done to evaluate various factors of myoelectric prosthesis use and their relationship to each other in an attempt to identify which factors might be indicators of a successful myoelectric fitting outcome in terms of wearing patterns and functional use. Data, in the form of completed questionnaires and individual evaluations using the University of New Brunswick Test of Prosthetics Function, were collected on 17 subjects ranging in age from 31/2 to 15 years. Results indicate an obvious decline in wearing time when children changed from a conventional prosthesis to a myoelectric prosthesis especially when they reached elementary school age.

*Occupational Therapy Department, Alberta Children's Hospital, 1820 Richmond Road, SW, Calgary, Alberta T2T 5C7