Adaptive Equipment Center at Newington Children's Hospital MARIAN HALL, OTR

The Adaptive Equipment Center includes an adaptive equipment clinic, a resource library, equipment demonstration program, and a used equipment registry. Persons using the services of the center may be any age and are usually referred by a physician or therapist, although self referrals are accepted. The clinic involves a multidisciplinary team, including a physiatrist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, orthotist, speech pathologist, and a social worker. After the evaluation, the team will recommend appropriate equipment, assist in order it, be available for fittings, and assist with funding sources.

The resource library has ABLEDATA available, as well as other data bases developed by the center, to assist in answering information requests related to rehabilitation technology. Anyone in the region may telephone, write, or visit the center to obtain resource information on adaptive equipment and technology. Demonstration equipment available is primarily the more complex electronic devices for which potential users require extensive evaluation, such as special controller mechanisms for powered wheelchairs and environmental control units.

The Used Equipment Registry lists equipment that families wish to sell or donate; anyone may call the Center to check the list for potential sources of needed devices. Contact information is provided to callers when appropriate equipment is available in the registry. No equipment is stored or refurbished, however, at the Adaptive Equipment Center.

Newington Children's Hospital, 181 East Cedar Street, Newington, CT 06111