Gaffney Hinge


Lack of an ankle hinge meeting several criteria led to the development of the Gaffney hinge. Essential criteria, in order of importance for the lower-limb orthotic hinge, are mediolateral stability, anteroposterior stability, adjustable plantarflexion, adjustable dorsiflexion, durability, reparability, replaceability, and use of a single-pull system. Desirable additional features include ease of fabrication, low cost, small size, cosmetic appearance, one size for all patients, stainless steel for durability, and a bumper to stop clicking. Trial by the developer for one month, with an average of 14 hours daily wear, demonstrated the durability of the hinge; the developer used it while playing centerfield on the Shriner's baseball team, plowing a garden, working with animals, riding horses, hiking, riding bicycles, and engaging in daily work. The Gaffney hinge has been installed in more than 700 orthoses at the Portland Unit of the Shriners Hospital.

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