Report on the Establishment of a Data Base on Amputee-Related Resources


In January 1988, the Second Annual Consumer Education-Networking Meeting was held in conjunction with the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists Symposium in Newport Beach, California. Much progress has been made toward accomplishing the goals identified in 1987:

  1. Establishing a data base of amputee-related resources available to patients and professional workers
  2. Identifying strategies for collaboration between support groups and health care practitioners to enhance adjustment to limb loss
  3. Developing a communication network among existing support groups and health care agencies specializing in amputee care.

This report summarizes the progress toward these goals and includes options open to children's clinic members to participate in establishment of the data base and network.

Work sponsored by LaRabida Children's Hospital. Ms Novotny is now at Northwestern University, 345 East Superior Street, Room 1441, Chicago, IL 60611.