Abstracts Of Selected Articles

(The following abstracts from the July and December 1964 issues of Birth Defectes are reprinted with the permission of the National Foundation - March of Dimes. )

Examination Of The Incidence Of Malformations For Evidence Of Drug Teratogenesis.

Brit. J. Prev. Soc. Med. 18(4):l96-201, Oct. 1964

Leck, I. (Dept. Soc. Med., Univ. Birmingham, England.)

A study of the incidence of congenital malformations in Birmingham over the period of 1957 to 1963, in an attempt to correlate them with drug use or epidemic infections.

The only drug found to he correlated significantly with increase in congenital defects was thalidomide. Influenza epidemics were followed by an increase in the combined incidence of cleft lip, esophageal atresia, anal atresia, and exomphalos. (12 references.)

Etiology Of Congenital Malformations In The Newborn. A Clinical Study.

Obstet. Gynec. 23(6)893-897, June 1964

Roszkowski, I. and Kietlinska, Z. (II Clin. Obstet. Gynec, Warsaw Med. Sch., Poland)

The authors report their study of 149 viable and stillborn infants with macroscopic developmental defects observed between 1959 and 1962. The malformations were detected either immediately after delivery or by a physical examination during the first 7 days of life. Autopsies were performed in cases of stillbirth or neonatal death.

All mothers were questioned regarding infections, early toxemias of pregnancy, and X-irradiation. All fathers also were examined.

Among 8,084 deliveries in the four-year period there were l49 cases of malformations (1.84%), These malformations were classified using a slight variation of the system of Koskinen and Lindholm. Each kind of defect was then related to an etiologic factor. 49 cases had experienced various infections during pregnancy and 34 had carbohydrate-metabolism disturbances. There was in this latter group a striking affinity to malformations of the infant's CNS. Among the 34, 12 had some defect of the CNS and in addition 10 cases had multiple malformations in which the CNS was also involved. (25 references.)