A Forearm Disconnect For The Interchangeable Plan

Alfons R. Glaubitz, C.P.O.

In fitting the Dorrance No. 2 Functional Hand, a long cosmetic glove is preferred because of its better cosmesis. However, in this application, interchange of hand and hook presents a problem, in that the diameter of the available quick disconnect is too large to conform to the base of the hand.

To overcome this problem, pending the commercial availability of a smaller quick-disconnect wrist, we have utilized an F-M unit located part way up the forearm - that is, the forearm of the prosthesis is divided below the stump where the width will permit installation of the two-inch diameter of the present quick disconnect. The wrist stud that fits into the standard disconnect insert is then mounted in the turntable of a child's elbow, which is built into a distal forearm section (Figures 8 and 9). The distal section of this forearm extension is fitted with an oval friction wrist for use with the hand, while a separate forearm extension will be fitted with a round friction wrist unit for the attachment of the hook.

The development of prefabricated disconnects for the No. 2 Hand should be given prompt consideration.

Alfons R. Glaubitz, C.P.O. is associated with Child Amputee Clinic State Hospital for Crippled Children Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania