The Sensitive Phase In Thalidomide Embryopathy. Humangenetik: 1(6):516-536, 1965.

Nowack, E. (Humangenet. Inst., Univ. Hamburg, Germany.)

In order to investigate the correlation between period of pregnancy during which thalidomide was taken and type of external malformations, 945 case histories of thalidomide embryopathies were examined. Of these, 82 cases were sufficiently well documented for study.

All types of external malformations examined could be accounted for by thalidomide intake between day 34 and day 50 after the onset of the last menstrual period.

Anotia was associated with adminis tration of thalidomide between day 34 and 38; thumb aplasia between day 38 and 40; upper extremity amelia between day 38 and 43; dislocation of the hip between day 38 and 48; upper extremity phocomelia between day 38 and 47; ear deformities between day 39 and 43; upper extremity ectromelia between day 39 and 45; lower extremity amelia between day 41 and 45; lower extremity phocomelia between day 42 and 47; lower extremity ectromelia between day 45 and 47; and thumb triphalangism between day 46 and 50. (21 references.)

The above abstract from the January 1966 issue of Birth Defects is reprinted with permission from the National Foundation-March of Dimes.