University Of Virginia Holds Successful Workshop In Adapted Activities For The Physically Handicapped Child

A post-graduate training course and workshop in "Adapted Physical Education and Recreation Therapy Techniques for the Physically Handicapped Child" was held at the Children's Rehabilitation Center, University of Virginia Hospital, Charlottesville, May 12-15, 1969.

Leaders of the course were Ronald Adams, Director of Adaptive Physical Education and Recreation Therapy at the Center, and Lee Rullman, Director of Recreational Activities at Gillette State Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota; assisted by Alfred Daniel, Coordinator, Developmental Physical Education, Cherry Hill Public Schools, New Jersey.

Guest speakers included Warren G. Stamp, M.D., Professor and Chairman, Department of Orthopedics, University of Virginia Hospital, who made presentations on "Medical Aspects of the Child With a Spinal Cord Injury," "Non-Operative Treatment of Scoliosis With the Milwaukee Brace," and "Classification of the Child With Congenital Limb Deficiencies and Treatment of the Congenital Amputee With Upper Extremity Deficits." William F. Stanek, M.D., Chief, Amputee Clinic, Children's Hospital, Denver, Colorado, also presented two papers-"Treatment of the Child With Congenital Lower-Limb Anomalies," and "Amputee Skiing." Other medically oriented papers given were: "The Child With Asthma" by Ira L. Hemmings, M.D., and "The Child With Rheumatic Fever" by Alfred C. Sparrow, M.D.

Adapted physical education activities covered in the course included wheelchair bowling, archery and crossbow shooting, table tennis, target tennis, rifle shooting, precision javelin, putt-putt golf, spin and bait casting, canoeing, skiing, mountain climbing, and billiards. In the majority of the activities, clinical demonstrations with physically handicapped children were presented.

A feature of many of the adaptive activity programs was the use of assistive devices to facilitate performance by upper-extremity amputees and other handicapped children. Examples were the Trap Suspension System for trap shooting; various Mobile "Bridges" for billiards and pool; special paddles for table tennis; an Archery Adaptor Device; "Outrigger" Skis; and the Adaptor Pusher Device for wheelchair bowling.

The speaker at the Banquet held for the more than 50 participants was Julien Stein, Ph.D., Consultant, Programs for the Handicapped, American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, whose topic was "Developmental Physical Education Activities in the Elementary School."

Other special events included two workshops-one on Posture Screening conducted by Alfred Daniel; and the other on Developmental and Physical Education Activities for the Mentally Retarded and Blind, conducted by Walter Hambrick of the University of South Carolina.