A Selected Bibliography On Silicone Polymer Skeletal Implantation

Ralph Lusskin, M.D. Walter A. L. Thompson, M.D. Arturo Pena, M.D. Shiva Sanwal, M.D.

A preliminary report of our research program at New York University School of Medicine involving periskeletal silicone polymer implants was published in the Inter-Clinic Information Bulletin, Volume VIII, Number 3, December 1968. This report, "The Control of Adventitious Bone Formation in Amputation Surgery With Silicone Polymer Implants," did not contain a bibliography as we did not consider that one was required by the nature of the material presented. However, a number of requests for a bibliography have been received. We are, therefore, submitting this selected bibliography of biological and material research to complement our previous presentation.

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Ralph Lusskin, M.D., Walter A. L. Thompson, M.D., Arturo Pena, M.D. and Shiva Sanwal, M.D. are associated with the New York University Medical Center New York, New York