Variety Club To Produce Needed Electrical Components

Some seven years ago an experimental electric arm was fitted to a child at the Area Child Amputee Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since that time clinical applications of experimental hardware have been made at various centres, sufficient to establish a real, if limited, need for such devices. One of the most significant problems encountered has been the difficulty experienced in obtaining an adequate quantity of devices for either evaluation trials or routine service applications. Research and Development Centres have not been funded to produce such units nor are they particularly interested in doing so. Moreover, the volume involved is usually too small to warrant commercial interest, especially at a time when frequent changes in design are anticipated.

In response to this very real need, the Ontario Society for Crippled Children has arranged for the Variety Club of Ontario to construct and operate a production facility in order to make available electric limb components and assemblies, not only for children in Ontario but also for anyone else who might wish to use them.

The new facility will be under the professional direction of Mr. Colin A. McLaurin, P.Eng., who is also Director of Prosthetic and Orthotic Research at the Ontario Crippled Children's Centre. It is expected that items of the best available designs will be produced in response to clinical demand. The production facility should be in limited production by the Fall of 1969.

R. Auld

Executive Director Ontario Society for Crippled Children and Ontario Crippled Children's Centre