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Thermoplastic Below Elbow Prostheses

Recent trends in the management of pediatric below elbow amputees have seen an increase in the usage of passive and myoelectric systems. Traditional fabrication techniques utilizing resin technology have limitations in this particular patient population. These techniques are labor intensive, heavy and cumbersome.

The system demonstrated is fabrication of these devices utilizing vacuum molding technology. Socket designs are molded from polyethelene, providing a flexible, light weight socket. Forearm/retainer systems are molded of polypropelene, providing a light weight, yet durable forearm section. This concept allows for a system that is labor efficient, cost effective, yet modular in design for growth adjustability and repairs.

This paper will review the various fabrication techniques involved in this system. We will also cover the design of passive as well as myoelectric systems. Special attention will be given to socket design, retainer design and electric placement.

Columbia University, 128 Fort Washington Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10032