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Evaluation Prosthetic Fitting of 13 Shoulder Disarticulation Clients Since 2 Years

This paper presents the findings of a questionnaire conducted in the winter of 1988. This was sent to 13 shoulder disarticulation clients that were initially seen at the Rehabilitation Institute of Montreal for prosthetic fitting. The results are discussed in relation to the degree of their satisfaction of myoelectric prosthesis and the training received at the R.I.M.

The findings suggest that despite ongoing advances and improvements made in myoelectric technology, there are disadvantages of heat, fragility, weight, inability to use in water, displacement of the electrodes during activities. It is imperative to further address the needs and challenges of the shoulder disarticulation amputees.

Rehabilitation Institute of Montreal, 6300 Ave. Darlington, Montreal, PQ. Canada H3S 2J4