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Amputation Stump Lengthening

This is a case report of a young male who suffered traumatic below knee amputation at age five years. Local sepsis necessitating multiple local debridements left him with a very short tibial stump inadequate for standard below knee prosthetic fitting. At age 17, Ilizarov external fixator was used in an attempt to lengthen the stump. This was successful as far as obtaining bon lengthening, however, was accompanied by numerous complications necessitating modification of the technique -including skin traction and subsequent operations of the soft tissues. The tibia was lengthened by 8 centimeters, but because of soft tissue problem this had to be eventually trimmed down to gain of 5 cm. The child likewise developed psychological complications requiring treatment. The final result was, however, good. The patient now has stump of adequate length and quality to allow him to function as a standard fit below knee amputee.

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