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A Powered Wrist Rotator for Pediatric Patients: A Case Study

In the recent past, the Powered Upper Extremity Programme at The Hugh MacMillan Rehabilitation Centre has developed a special interest in the needs of high-level amputee. This interest has initiated the development of powered hands and elbows which have been designed and produced specifically for use with children. To augment the functional outcome of external powered fittings for bilateral high-level amputees, the research team has designed a child-size electric wrist rotator.

A prototype was utilized in a bilateral powered fitting of a six-year-old quadrilateral limb deficient child. This child was referred to our Centre with a specific request for powered prostheses to improve his A.D.L. independence. Although this highly motivated child had achieved an amazing degree of mobility and dexterity with the use of his phocomelic partial foot, he did not have the ability to feed himself. The provision of two powered shoulder disarticulation prostheses including the new wrist rotator produced impressive results. A wheelchair mounted robotic aid (The Manus Arm) was also explored as an alternative to prosthetic fitting.

The Hugh MacMillan Rehabilitation Centre, 350 Rumsey Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4G 1R8