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Walter Gets A New Arm

A preschooler's fear of the unknown, of strangers and of new situations may present problems to a prosthetist and prosthetic clinics personnel when dealing with children under seven years of age. These children can often be put at ease through the use of imaginative play or by applying treatment to a favorite doll or stuff animal. "Hal Gets a Prosthesis," (c) 1989, a video produced by T. Koelker and L. Labhard of the Shriner's Hospital in Portland, Oregon, used the concept when showing how "Hal" received his lower extremity prosthesis.

Our slide/video presentation features a doll, "Walter," who has an upper extremity amputation. Using the concept of Koelker and Labhard's video, the story follows "Walter" as he visits a Myoelectric Prosthetics Clinics for assessment and fitting of a myoelectric prosthesis. This presentation is designed and written for preschool and grade school children.

Clips of the video will be presented with a discussion of its use and distribution and the clinical role "Walter" plays at the Prosthetics Research Centre.

Prosthetics Research Centre, 180 Woodbridge Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, E3B, 4R3