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Aggressive Rehabilitation of the Multiple Amputee

Aggressive aerobic conditioning programs have proven beneficial for Amputees. Individuals with multiple amputations are at a great disadvantage in today's society. Exercise programs can be designed to reduce net energy cost in these individuals, this in turn can make activities of daily living easier. A.J. is a 7 y.o. male who presented with bilateral B/K and multiple finger amputations. T.M. is a 32 y.o. triple amputee with severe scoliosis. Both initially presented in wheelchairs. A.J. was aggressively rehabilitated until he could be tested in an ambulatory state, T.M. was tested in her wheelchair. After 3/12 in custom designed aerobic conditioning programs, net energy cost (the volume of oxygen required per kilogram of body weight per meter walked/ wheeled) had decreased in both patients while preferred velocity (speed walked/wheeled in meters per minute) had increased. Further, A.J. subsequently competed in track events at youth games for the physically challenged and skied, while T.M. has completed the New York City Marathon in her wheelchair, and is presently being fit with prostheses.

The Hospital for Special Surgery, 535 E. 70th Street, New York, NY 10021