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ICIB 1984 Vol 19, Num 3

51 Twenty-Five-Year Longitudinal Study of Children Fitted with Below-Elbow Prostheses Before the Age of Two

51a A Long-Term Review of Children with Congenital and Acquired Upper-Limb Deficiency

52 The CAPP Terminal Device, Size #2

52a A.D.E.P.T.-Innovative Design Concepts In Body-Powered Children's Terminal Devices

53 An Upper-Limb Prosthesis for Infants

53a Challenges of High-Level Upper-Limb Absence: Creative Solutions

54 Acoustic Myography

54a Sensory Feedback In Prosthetics: Where Do We Go Now?

55 Myoelectric Below-Elbow Prostheses in the Very Young Child

55a Myoelectric Program in Detroit

56 Myoelectrics for the Child Below-Elbow Amputee

56a Myoelectric Fitting at the Level of Wrist Disarticulation

57 Wrist Rotator for the Child-Size Hand

57a "So You Want to Begin a Myoelectric Program?"

58 Psychosocial Adaptation to Traumatic Limb Loss

58a The Multiple Limb-Deficient Child-When the Patient/Family Declines to Accept Services Offered

59 Camp-Workshop for Adolescent Amputees: An Interval Report

59a Management of Three Quadriplegic Infants

60 First Accountability in a Specialized Seating Program

60a Multiple Amputees: The Gillette Experience

61 The Quadrimembral Limb-Deficient Child

61a Syme and Boyd Amputations in Children

62 Tucker-Syme Prosthetic Fitting in Young People

62a Biomechanics of Gait Following Van Nes Rotationplasty

63 Prosthetic Development: A Case Study

63a The ISNY Socket System

64 Valgus Lower-Limb Deformity in the Juvenile Amputee

64a Reciprocate...Goodwill for Prosthetics Too!

65 Conventional Versus Reciprocating Braces:Effect on Gait and Spinal Posture

65a Varus-Control Molded Ankle-Foot Orthosis

66 Current Status of Surface Electrical Stimulation for Idiopathic Scoliosis

66a The Jewaukee Brace-An Innovation For Patients with Short Stature