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ICIB 1985 Vol 20, Num 3

33 Four-Year Follow-Up Study of the KIR Modular Below-Elbow Prosthesis for Children

34 Three-Quarter-Type Muenster Socket

34a Wrist-Powered Prosthesis for the Partial Hand

35 CAPP TD 2 (CAPP Terminal Device, Size #2)

35a The Clinic Team Designs a Hand for an Infant

36 A Test of Prosthetic Function for Upper-Limb Amputees

36a Myoelectric Prosthesis: Current Status

37 The Upper-Limb Prosthetic Prescription: Conventional or Electric Components?

37a Current Myoprosthetic Development at The Hugh MacMillan Medical Centre

38 Preschool Myoelectric Program: A Three Year Review

39 Myoelectric Management of the Pediatric Amputee

39a Control Systems for High-Level Upper-Limb Amputees: Comparison of Myoelectric and Proportional Touch Control

40 The Role of Friction in Swing-Phase Control of the Juvenile Above-Knee Prosthesis

41 Tibial Deficiency-A Genetic Problem

41a Popliteal Pterygium Syndrome

42 ISNY Applications for Children

42a Flexible-Socket Technology Applied to the Juvenile Above-Knee Amputee

43 Fifteen-Year Follow-up of the Expandable Elastomer-Window Prosthesis in the Juvenile Ankle-Disarticulation Amputee

43a Femoral Lengthening: How Far Can We Go?

44 Suspension of the Below-Knee Prosthesis: Comparison of Supracondylar Clip and Cuff

45 Use of the Postsurgical Immediate-Fit Prosthesis

45a Experience with Fitting Flex-Foot Prostheses on a Thirteen-Year-Old Bilateral Below-Knee Amputee

46 Rehabilitation for the Reciprocating-Gait-Orthosis Candidate

46a Reciprocating Orthosis: A Protocol

47 Hybrid Spiral Ankle-Foot Orthosis

47a Double-Flexure Designs for Orthotic Ankle Joints

48 The University of Kansas Medical Center's Experience with Seating Systems

48a Recumbent-Support Orthosis for Control of Hip and Knee Deformities in Children with Neuromuscular Disabilities