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ICIB 1986 Vol 21, Num 2

17 Ethical Dimensions in the Care of Severely Handicapped Children

17a Legal Implications of Baby Doe

18 Congenital Tibial Dysplasia with Intact Fibula

18a Patellar Instability in Juvenile Amputees

19 Case Presentation of Bilateral Chopart/Lisfranc-Type Congenital Amputee

19a Age-Appropriateness of Myoelectric Below-Elbow Prosthetic Prescription

19b Custom-Fitted Protective Headwear

20 New Motorized Wheelchair for Young Disabled Children

20a Are Children with Congenital Amputations More Susceptible to Speech/Language Problems?

21 Cheneau-Brace for Scoliosis Treatment-Principles, Manufacture, and Individual Short-Term Results

21a Manufacture of Individually Shaped Seats with Modular Components

21b Use of Spinal Orthoses in the Treatment of Scoliosis in Cerebral Palsy

22 Spine Support and Seating for Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

22a Criteria for Prescription, Fabrication, and Fitting of the Bucket Seat Orthosis

22b Adapted Devices and Techniques for Performing ADL for the Multiple Limb-Deficient Child

23 Assistive Feeding Arm Orthosis for Flail Arm Resulting from Arthrogryposis

23a Progressive Habilitation Protocol for Bilateral Lower-Limb Amelia

24 Below-Knee ISNY Flexible Sockets

24b Long-Term Follow-up of Children Wearing ISNY Above-Knee Sockets

25 Design and Analysis of Normal Shape and Normal Alignment (NSNA) Socket in Juvenile Amputees

25a CAT-CAM Socket with Total Flexible Brim for Pediatric Amputees

25b Use of a Brim-Casting Fixture for the Narrow ML Above-Knee Socket

26 The Quadrimembral Limb-Deficient Child

26a Office Fabrication of Low Temperature Ankle-Foot Orthotics

27 Low-Profile Partial Foot Prosthesis

27a Seattle Clubfoot Orthosis

27b Short Ankle-Foot Orthosis

28 Voluntary Terminal Device in Juvenile Amputees

28a Benefits of Early Infant Fitting with a Voluntary Closing Device

28b Adaptation of an Upper-Extremity Prosthesis

29 Field Test: NYU Child-Size Body-Powered Hand

29a New Variety Village Electromechanical Hand for Amputees Less Than 2 Years of Age

30 Myoelectric Prosthesis for a Partial Hand Amputee

30a New Myoelectric Control System

31 Myoelectrically Controlled NYU-Hosmer Prehension Actuator and Michigan Hook

31a Texas Scottish Rite Hospital Motorized Forearm

32 Generic Approach to the Control of Powered Prostheses

32a Application of the Generic Control System in the Above-Elbow Prosthesis

33 Recent Advances in the Design and Control of the Michigan Arm

33a Electronic Touch Controls for Prostheses