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ICIB 1986 Vol 21, Num 3

35 The Rosenberger Scoliosis Orthosis

39 Ethical Dimensions in the Care of Severely Handicapped Children: 1986 Presidential Guest Address

42 A Wrist-Powered Prosthesis for the Partial Hand

46 An Innovative Motorized Wheelchair for Young Disabled Children

52 Fitting Above-Elbow Amputees with Externally Powered Prostheses

52a Powered Shoulder for Bilateral Upper Complete Phocomelia

53 New Variety Village Electromechanical Elbow and Forearm for Juvenile Amputees

53a Hybrid Myoelectric Prosthesis for Congenital Elbow Disarticulation

54 Traumatic Amputations in Children

54a Etiology of Children's Traumatic Amputations and Lawn Mower Injuries

55 Orthotic Management of Valgus Foot Deformity in Children with Spina Bifida

55a Choice of Prosthetic Knee for Bilateral Knee Disarticulation

56 Prosthetic Modifications for Sports and Other Recreational Activities

56a Leatherwork Pattern Generation by Computer