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JACPOC 1988 Vol 23, Num 2

26 Conception, Birth, Infancy, and Adolescence of the Juvenile Amputee Program in North America

26a Ulnar Deficiency

27 Socket Design Concepts, Old and New

28 Multiple Amputees: Complications of Meningococcemia/Purpura Fulminans Medical, Surgical, and Prosthetic Treatment

28a Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency

29 Upper-Extremity Sports Arm

29a Skiing for the Severely Physically Disabled: Sit-Skiing Devices

30 Altering Sitting Posture through the Lumbar Spine

30a Report on the Establishment of a Data Base on Amputee-Related Resources

31 Variables Influencing the Self Esteem in Children with Congenital or Acquired Limb Deficiencies

31a Assessment of Stress in Parents of Congenital Amputees: Preliminary Report

32 Integration of Pediatric Amputees and Their Parents with an Adult Amputee Support Group

32a Electronic Prostheses for Children: Use and Abuse

33 Simplicity: The Miami Hand

33a ISNY Flexible Sockets for Upper-Limb Prostheses

34 Surlyn Socket Upper-Extremity Prostheses

34a Surlyn Sockets for Below-Elbow Myoelectric Prostheses

35 Microcomputer-Based Muscle Site Identification for Electrode Placement in Myoelectric Prostheses

35a Clinical Experience with a New Electromechanical Elbow for the Preschool Child

36 Hybrid Growth-Adjustable Below-Elbow Prosthesis for the Limb-Deficient Child

36a Biomechanical Comparison of the Quadrilateral and the NSNA Prosthetic Limb Sockets

37 Hip Disarticulation Prosthesis for Infants

37a Surgical and Prosthetic-Orthotic Treatment of Patients with Unilateral Congenital or Early Childhood Hip Disarticulation or Hemipelvectomy

38 Powered Mobility for Young Children

38a Gibbus Cut-Out Seats for Myelodysplastics

39 Durable Short Double-Flexure Type Orthotic Ankle Joint

39a Improved Intermediate Size Body-Powered Hand

40 Biomechanical Analysis of the Removable Shell Floor Reaction Orthosis and the Solid Ankle Foot Orthosis

40a Villingen Clubfoot Walking Orthosis

41 Postoperative Clubfoot Orthosis

41a "Buttressed" Shoe

42 Head Piece with Cervical Attachment for Infantile Spinal Muscular Atrophy

42a Gaffney Hinge

43 Gait Laboratory at Newington Children's Hospital

44 Prosthetic/Orthotic Department at Newington Children's Hospital

45 Adaptive Equipment Center at Newington Children's Hospital MARIAN HALL, OTR