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JACPOC 1989 Vol 24, Num 2

26 Abstracts from the Scientific Program Presented at the 1989 Annual Meeting of the Association of Children's Prosthetic-Orthotic ClinicsChicago, Illinois

28a Surgical Treatment of Extreme Flexion-Abduction Contracture of the Hip Joint and Flexion Contracture of the Knee Joint in Agenesis of Lumbar Spine and Sacrum

40 Hector Kay, Alan Kay, and the Future of Prosthetics and Orthotics Hector Kay Memorial Lecture

47 Congenital Amelia: Prenatal Diagnosis and Postnatal Prosthetic Fitting

51 Testing Gait Efficiency of Limb-Deficient Children Using the Physiological Cost Index

53 One-Muscle Infant's Myoelectric Control