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JACPOC 1991 Vol 26, Num 1

3 Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency, a Review

3a Endoskeletal vs. Exoskeletal Prostheses for the Child with PFFD

4 The Use of Rigid Removable Dressings for Juvenile Amputees: A Case Report

4a Radiographic Diagnosis of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficiency with Fibular Hemimelia

5 Current Technology in the Van Nes Prosthesis

5a Use of the 3S Trans Tibial Prosthesis on Two Children with Meningococcal Septicemia

6 Weight Distribution Between Below-Knee-Amputee (BKA) Children During Standing

7 Loading Between the Socket and the Residual Limb of Below-Knee Amputees (BKA): Pilot Investigation

8 Fibular Transfer in Tibial Hemimelia A Follow-up Study

9 Comparison of Strength and Balance Scores Between Below-Knee-Amputee (BKA) and Normal Children

10 Comprehensive Motion Analysis of Adolescent Below Knee or Syme Amputees with Sach vs. Energy Storing Feet

10a Aqua-Flex-The Pediatric All-Plastic Knee Joint

11 Experiences with Child's Play Seattle Lightfoot

12 Sports Participation for Children with Limb Deficiencies

12a Use of Modified U.C.B.L. Shoe Inserts in Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

13 The Contemporary Orthotic Management of Myelomeningocele

13a Newly Designed Polypropylene Ankle Foot Orthosis with Dorsiflexion Assist and Adjustable Dorsiflex-Plantarflex Stop

14 Orthotic Decision Making for the Patient with High Level Myelodysplasia

14a The Soft Boston Orthosis: An Orthotic Alternative for the Management of Spinal Instability

15 Energy Cost of Walking with the Parawalker

16 Long Term Review of Radial Deficiencies

17 Computer Aided Myoelectric Training

18 Thermoplastic Below Elbow Prostheses

18a Amputation Resulting from Septic Shock: Case Studies

19 Kasabach-Merritt Syndrome and Left Trans-Femoral Amputation

20 Medical and Environmental Management of a Quadrimembral Amputee: A Case Study

21 The Use of Multiple Thermoplastics in the Design of Lower Extremity Orthoses and Their Application in Pediatric Case Studies

22 Myoelectric Camp: An Innovative Interdisciplinary Concept for Fitting Myoelectric Prostheses

23 Further Development of a Protective Helmet for Persons with Disabilities

24 Stump Sensation and Prosthetic Use in Juvenile Upper Extremity Amputees

25 Wearing Patterns and Usage of Myoelectric Prostheses in a Population of Young Amputees

25a Biomechanical and Metabolic Comparison of Sach and Seattle Feet in Below-Knee Amputees

26 Early Prosthetic Fittings-The Greenville Experience

27 Correlates of Perceived Physical Appearance in Children with Congenital/Acquired Limb Deficiencies

27a The Challenge of an Infant with Fulminate Meningococcemia: A Multidisciplinary Approach

28 The Correction of Severe Growth Abnormalities Following Purpura Fulminans Using the Ilizarov Technique

29 Nursing Role Essential in Prosthetic Clinic Team

29a An Innovative Approach to National Networking with the Parents of Limb Deficient Children the Limbs of Love Foundation, Inc.

30 Long Term Review of Radial Deficiencies

31 Application of the 3S (Silicon Suction Socket) for Long Trans Humeral Juvenile Amputee

31a Fitting a Toddler with a Myoelectric Arm

32 A Powered Wrist Rotator for Pediatric Patients: A Case Study

33 Use of Opposition Posts in Children

33a Orthopaedic Complications of Meningococcemia

34 Progressive Scoliosis, Complete Transverse Upper Extremity Deficiencies and Hypoplastic Femur-A Case Report

35 Walter Gets A New Arm

35a The Very Young Traumatic Partial Hand Amputee: A Multidisciplinary Challenge

36 Epidemiological Survey of Triple and Quadruple Amputees

37 Dual-Ankle Springs (D.A.S.) Multi-Axial Rotation System (M.A.R.S.)

37a Case Study-PFFD with Symes Amputation

38 Aggressive Rehabilitation of the Multiple Amputee

39 An Eighteen Year Follow-Up Study on a Below Knee Amputation for a Severe Congenital Ring Constriction A Case Report

39a Case Report-A Combined Expertise of Orthopaedics, Prosthetics and Orthotics in the Management of a Child with Cloacal Exstrophy

40 Successful Voluntary Grasp/Release Using the Cookie Crusher in Two-Year-Olds: Two Case Reports

41 Two Year Case Study of the Silicone Suction Socket (3S) Technique Modified and Designed for the Knee Disarticulation Amputee