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Status of APRL Porous Laminate Technique

During 1959-60, New York University evaluated the original APRL porous laminate technique and a series of modifications which were subequently introduced. By November of 1960, the technique appeared to be generally satisfactory and its acceptance for general use was recommended.(1)

Problems experienced during a pilot school to teach the technique to prosthetists, plus the fact that APRL had made additional significant changes in the fabrication procedures, led to further study in 1961. This study resulted in acceptance of the APRL modifications and the production of a detailed description of lamination procedures (for the short B/E prosthesis).(2) APRL's final technical report on the process is now in preparation.

Within recent months, difficulties in securing a commercial source for the special nylon (Banlon) stockinette used in the porous laminate technique has delated its application. However, APRL now appears to have located a suitable source. Following tests of the available material to check its applicability, further information will be disseminated.

Report of Evaluation of the APRL Porous Laminate Technique, Adult Prosthetic Studies, Research Division, College of Engineering, New York University, November 1960.
Guide for Fabrication of Double Wall Porous Epoxy Prosthesis for Short B/E, Prosthetics and Orthotics, New York University Post-Graduate Medical School, September 1961.