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This list of multimedia resources was gathered and reviewed by the participants who have used them in their practice at centers specializing in limb deficiencies and amputations. If you have experience with an appropriate resource not on this list, please contact the ACPOC office at .

These sites are not controlled or maintained by ACPOC. The Association is not responsible for the content of any material presented or discussed on the referenced site nor does it monitor those sites or ensure that the site addresses are accurate. Please read our Linking Policy.

Please Note: ACPOC does not have any physicians or clinicians on staff and cannot answer medical questions about specific treatments, diagnoses, symptoms, or provide physician referrals. Thank you.

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Active Living Magazine. Quarterly. DT Publishing, P.O. Box 2660, Niagra Falls, NY 14302. Phone: (800) 725-7136

Exceptional Parent is a monthly magazine for parents and families of children with disabilities, and the professionals who work with them. The magazine addresses the full spectrum of special needs, including medical and family issues, as well as financial issues and advocacy. Each month's issue features a special needs article, such as autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, managing stress and caregiver burnout.

In Motion - A Publication of the National Limb Loss Information Center (part of the Amputee Coalition of America). 6 Issues per year (bimonthly). Amputee Coalition of America. Phone: 1-888-AMP-KNOW (267-5669).

Palaestra (Greek word for sport school or gymnasium). Quarterly forum of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation for those with Disabilities: Phone: (800) 327-5557

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Capabilities provides information about research and education activities at the Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center (NUPOC). Clinicians, manufacturers, consumers, and fellow investigators who are involved in prosthetics and orthotics (P&O) will find articles about the research, presentations, publications, and other activities conducted by NUPOC staff and students. Contact:

CHAMP: Available through War Amps Child Amputee Program of Canada. Phone: (800) 267-4023.

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(Especially for children with limb deficiencies or amputations)

A Friend for Life - A story and activity book for kids with cancer – Draw Me a Picture. By Susan Nessim and Barbara Wyman. 64 pages. © 1994. ISBN: 0-9636333-2-5.

Chester...the imperfect all-star. By Sandra Lee Peckinpah. 40 pages. Dasan Publishing. ©1993. ISBN: 0-9627806-1-8.

Harry and Willy and Carrothead. By Judith Caseley. 24 pages. Greenwillow Publishing. © 1991. ISBN: 0688094929.

Imagine…Amazing me! By Libbi Chilia. 28 pages. Halo Publishing International. © 2008. ISBN-10: 0979742935.

My Brand New Leg. By Sharon Rae North. 40 pages. North Star Entertainment Group. © 2003. ISBN-10: 0974154407.

Oliver's High Five. By Beverly Swerdlow Brown. 32 pages. Health Press. © 1998. ISBN: 0929173260.

Puppies for Sale. By Dan Clark. 24 pages. Dalmation Press. ©1999. ISBN: 1-57759-262-X.

The Making of My Special Hand, Madison's Story. By Jamee Riggio Heelan. 32 pages. Peachtree Publishers. © 2000. ISBN: 1-56145-186-X. Phone: (800) 241-0113.

Tibby Tried It. By Sharon and Ernie Useman. 44 pages. Magination Press. © 1999. ISBN-10: 1557985588.

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Exercise: What It Is, What It Does. By Carola S. Trier. 56 pages. Greenwillow Books. © 1982. ISBN: 0-688-00951-4.

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A Manual for Below Knee (Trans-tibial) Amputees, 5th Edition. By Alvin L. Muilenburg and A. Benne H. Wilson, Jr. Rehab Press. Phone: (713) 524-3949.

Amputee's Guide - Below the Knee. By Ann Alexander. 19 pages. Adult amputee oriented guide with photos. Medic Publishing Co. ©1975. Phone: (425) 222-0844.

Below Amputation: A Guide for Rehabilitation. By Todd Kuiken, Mark Edwards, and Nicole Soltys. 31 pages. Rehab Institute of Chicago. Phone: (312) 238-2859.

Children with Limb Loss: A Handbook for Families - several booklets by age and subject. Center for Limb Differences, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. Phone: (616) 840-8224.

Exercises for the Lower Extremity Amputee - A program for regaining optimal function. Medic Publishing Co. Phone: (425) 222-0844. ISBN: 0-934230-46-3.

American Physical Therapy Association, brochures.

Handbook for Children with Lower Limb Deficiencies and Their Families. © 2005. Shriners Hospitals for Children. Phone: (813) 281-0300.

REACH - The Association for Children with Upper Limb Deficiency. Quarterly newsletter "Within Reach". Phone: (0845) 1306 225.

Sports for the Leg Amputee. By Bernice Kegel. 72 pages. Medic Publishing Co. ©1986. ISBN: 0-934230-14-5.

Type with One Hand. By Nina K. Richardson. South-Western Publishing Company. © 1959.

On My Own Two Feet: A Parent's Guide to Help Your Baby Walk. By Lisa and Michael Callahan. This pdf e-book provides guidance, research, resources, moral support, toys and activities with photos directed at parents raising a child with a walking development delay.


Global HELP (Health Education Low-cost Publications) — An organization providing free health-care information to developing countries and is committed to making medical knowledge accessible worldwide. Topics available for families include Cerebral Palsy, Arthrogryposis, Spina Bifida and treatment of clubfoot in different languages.

Limb Loss Education Day And Awareness Month - Program of the Amputee Coalition of America. Phone: 1-888-AMP-KNOW (267-5669).

Limb Loss Resource Center — Through the following link you will be directed to the ACA page which lists resources. Each topic links to resource lists including books; articles from a variety of sources, video/CD ROMs, and other related websites/organizations.

Parent to Parent is a national non-profit organization that provides emotional and informational support to parents of children who have special needs. Parent to Parent programs across the country provide emotional and informational support to families of children who have special needs most notably by matching parents seeking support with an experienced, trained 'Support Parent'.

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago - Life Center, provides an education center for families and professionals. Many resources are available. Phone: (312) 238-LIFE (5433).

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(primarily for exercise/sports - adults and children)

Adapted Game Controllers (PDF) — A list of websites for adapted game controllers, including options for those who need to play one-handed. Compiled by Shriners Hospital, Springfield and Tampa.

Five Steps for the Introduction to Lower-Limb Running. By Robert S. Gailey, The O&P Edge, Dec 2003..

Kids' Stretches. Free catalog from Stretching Inc. Publications. Phone: (719) 481-3928, (800) 333-1307.

Online Resources to Help Families Make Healthy Food Choices (PDF) — A list of websites recommended and compiled by the dietician at Tampa Shriner's Hospitals for Children which provide guidance and educate families on the nutritional value of food.

Physical Fitness: A Guide for Individuals with Lower Limb Loss. By Ernest M. Burgess and Albert Rappoport. Department of Veterans Affairs Rehabilitation Research and Development Service. Dept of VA – Veterans Health Administration, Washington DC.

Ten Exercises to Maximize the Performance of Your Prosthetic Feet. By Robert S. Gailey, In Motion, Volume 11, Issue 3, May/June 2001.

Teasing: Books for Children, Teasing Happens: How to make friends, Teasing Happens: Tips for Teachers, Teasing Happens: Tips for Parents, Teasing Happens: What to do, Tips for Encouraging Self-Esteem in Teens with Disabilities, Developed by Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, Center for Limb Differences. Phone: (616) 840-8224.

Tummy Time Tools – A developmentally based program to incorporate positioning, handling, and fun activities into the lives of young infants. By Colleen Coulter, Laura Hylton-Plank, Dulcey Lima and Deanna Fish. Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Phone: (404) 785-6890.

ACPOC would like to recognize Julie Honeycutt, PT, Barb Kaniewski, OTR, Jamee Riggio Heelan, OTR/L, Colleen Coulter, PT, and Joanne Shida-Tokeshi, OTR/L who originally presented the majority of this material in a workshop at the 2005 ACPOC annual meeting. The goal of this workshop was to generate resources that would be useful for the families of children with limb differences.

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