An Eighteen Year Follow-Up Study on a Below Knee Amputation for a Severe Congenital Ring Constriction A Case Report


The child was born with a severe ring constriction accompanied by deformation of the distal part of the right limb. Circulation to the foot was impaired but sufficient to maintain survival of the limb. There was a complete paralysis of the nerves to the right foot.

Below knee amputation was preformed at the age of 6 weeks. At the age of 7 months the child was fitted with his first prosthesis. We used a rigid total contact suction socket. Since then the child has showed a natural walking development.

During the years there have only been two revisions of the stump. He has been driving a mini-cross-motorbike and since a couple of years he also is a rugby player.

This case report will be presented together with a video showing the child from the age of 7 months until today when he is eighteen years old.

Olmed Orthopedics AB, Glunten S-751 83, Uppsala, Sweden and Department of Orthopedics, University Hospital, S751 85 Uppsala, Sweden