An Innovative Approach to National Networking with the Parents of Limb Deficient Children the Limbs of Love Foundation, Inc.


As medical professionals, we are often confronted with concerned parents of limb deficient children who have become exceedingly frustrated with the lack of information, or variety of divergent viewpoints on amputations and prosthetics, in their city or state. John Combs, a parent of a limb deficient child, and Chairman of the Limbs of Love Foundation, Inc., has established a successful effort not only designed for the parents of children from Texas, but for parents of amputees throughout the United States. Their efforts include support group activities, financial assistance, educational/informational awareness, and research and development.

This national support network already includes parents' groups in New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Southern California. There is a strong Houston support group and one has also been established in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Discussion will include the philosophy, priorities, and efforts to increase the nation's awareness of limb deficient children by the "Limbs of Love Foundation, Inc." Already their identity has received exposure in Life magazine, The Weekly Reader, Houston Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Good Morning America, and CNN.

This presentation is designed to incorporate audience participation and interaction as we attempt to make this national effort a fair, open, honest, and unbiased one.

The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research, 1333 Moursund, Houston, TX 77030