Application of the 3S (Silicon Suction Socket) for Long Trans Humeral Juvenile Amputee


A trans-humeral passive recreational prosthesis was designed utilizing the 3S technique for a nine year old girl. The application of the 3S system offered our team a unique challenge to maintain symmetry of humeral length as the child had a very long congenital amputation.

The design considerations were to provide passive features for positioning of the prosthesis in space for skating and swimming, to free the patient from a suspension harness and to maintain a high degree of cosmesis. A unique two-in-one shuttle-lock and elbow unit were specially designed as an integral part to minimize the length and increase the range of motion of the device.

This young patient is a regular wearer of a myoelectric prosthesis at home and at school. However, since developing an interest in skating and swimming, it became apparent that she also required a prosthesis suited to these activities.

To date she has been very happy with the results of the recreational prosthesis and is much more confident when involved in swimming and skating programmes.

Hugh MacMillan Rehabilitation Centre, 350 Rumsey Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4G 1R8