Dual-Ankle Springs (D.A.S.) Multi-Axial Rotation System (M.A.R.S.)


The purpose of the research study was to improve the function of existing prosthetic feet by allowing multi-axial capabilities.

The D.A.S. M.A.R.S. (DUAL-ANKLE SPRINGS MULTI-AXIAL ROTATION SYSTEM) was developed as a continuation of the D.A.S. (DUALANKLE SPRINGS) foot-ankle system. The rubber springs are used as a substitute for the helical springs both to decrease weight and to accommodate the smaller dimensional limitations of components. D.A.S. M.A.R.S. units have been developed for both children and adults.

The D.A.S. M.A.R.S. unit incorporates anterior and posterior rubber compression springs which are rigidly attached to proximal and distal attachment plates. Around these plates are anterior and posterior compression bands encompassing corresponding rubber springs.

The leaf spring device within existing stored energy feet does not allow for inversion, eversion, and shear (horizontal rotation). When the D.A.S. M.A.R.S. unit is used either within a Syme-type stored energy leaf spring foot, or Syme-type S.A.C.H. (solid, ankle, cushion, heel) foot the function of the prosthetic foot is enhanced.

The shear forces absorbed within the D.A.S. M.A.R.S. unit, as well as its ability to invert, evert, and compress allows the prosthetic foot to elastically change its solid height parameters reducing those forces which would otherwise be resolved at the amputee's residual limb.

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