Experiences with Child's Play Seattle Lightfoot


The purpose of our study was to find a more suitable prosthetic foot for children, one that was not only durable and functional but cosmetically pleasing as well. We tried a series of different feet over a two year period noting the advantage and disadvantage of each. Child's Play Seattle LightFoot offered improved performance by extending the activity level and activity time. It is more proportionally designed for a child's weight as well as pleasing in appearance.

Study I-Five year old's second definitive prosthesis included a ProtoType Child's Play manufactured by M + IND. The first ProtoType started to breakdown on the plantar surface of the toes and was replaced with a new ProtoType. Subject is presently in her third Child's Play foot.

Study II-Two year old had five previous prostheses before we began working with her. Her sixth prosthesis included a Sach foot but presently is in a Child's Play foot.

Study III-Eight year old was fit with a plaster post-operative type prosthesis using a Child's Play foot. Subject was able to ambulate well and for the first time was able to walk without the use of his crutches.

Study IV-Six year old was fit with a flexible socket KD styled DAW Child's 4-Bar link knee unit using bilateral Child's Play feet. Subject was able to ambulate without assistance.

Study found Child's Play Seattle Lightfoot provides a smoother, more natural ambulation for children along with less energy consumption. The foot is cosmetically more pleasing which was noted by the child as well as comforting to parents and family.

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