Myoelectric Camp: An Innovative Interdisciplinary Concept for Fitting Myoelectric Prostheses


The issue of providing children with myoelectric prostheses has been debated concerning age-appropriateness, functioning, durability and cost of frequent refitting. Following an initial research project, we devised an interdisciplinary plan for providing 5-10 year olds with a comprehensive myoelectric experience.

In late spring, a screening process is conducted by the occupational therapist, prosthetist and social worker. The accepted candidates are then admitted to the hospital during the summer for a two week myoelectric "camp."

During admission, a recreational therapist joins the myo-camp team. Patient education, ADL's, games, cooking, golfing and bowling are some of the activities provided as opportunities to incorporate the "new hand" into daily functioning. The nursing staff oversees prosthetic wearing patterns, and reinforces daily care-taking responsibilities.

Also during this time, psychosocial issues are addressed through supportive counseling. Parents are welcome to attend all camp programs, and receive a special myoelectric training session.

We believe our interdisciplinary approach to myoelectric fittings addresses more than prosthetic issues and can serve as a model for other programs.

Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children, 8400 Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19152