New TLSO System, A Case Study


Spinal supports for the patients with cerebral palsy have always been a challenging subject. This paper will describe the pros and cons with the past spinal orthoses of this patient, as well the design and benefits of the new spinal orthotic system.

The orthosis will be described in detail, from the assessment through the casting, fabrication and fitting procedure to the final product.

This orthosis features a custom back panel which controls extension and scoliosis of the trunk. A two piece pivoting front section, custom designed, somewhat like a Jewett orthosis will prevent flexion of the trunk. The distal position can be pivited away from the body so diaper changes, hygiene can be accomplished without the removal of upper clothing or the orthosis. The orthosis is made from modern, patient compliant materials.

This paper will prove the benefits of this orthotic system and the design and fabrication techniques will help colleagues with the challenging situation they have to overcome at times.

Prosthetics & Orthotics Dept., Kelowna General Hospital, 2268 Pandosy St., Kelowna B.C. VIY IT2